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Since 1990 GCC has focused on providing the highest level of service through quick turnaround of product services and same day shipping no matter how large or small your requirement might be. We consider our company part of our customers organization and work to provide cost effective solutions to their many applications. Grate Clip Company also offers Specialty Clips for Non-Standard applications. Please call or e-mail all your Non-Standard applications

FASTENER SETS are offered for all Standard and Non-Standard Grating Clips

    - A 316 hardware set includes: 1 Hex Head Cap Bolt (screw), 1 Flat Washer, 1 Nylock Nut
    - ¼-20 Hex Head Cap Bolts (screws) are available in lengths from 5/8” through 2 1/2" inches

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Stainless Steel Grating Clips & Fasteners

  • “J” Clips
        - Hold a single bar and are nearly the same height as the grating
        - These clips can be pulled down completely to the support under the grating
        - Grating Thicknesses 5/8” 1” 1 ½” and 2”
  • “M” Clips (saddle clips)
        - Hold two bars and can be used to snug the grating to the support.
        - For Molded bar spacing @ 1” 1 ½”narrow 1 ½”wide and 2”
        - Clips for Pultruded Grating thicknesses from 1” 1 ½ “ and 2”
  • EPC (end panel clips)
        - Used to hold two separate pieces of grating, or two separate panels of grating
        - These should be used where a grating seam crosses a walking path and there is no support immediately under that seam
        - EPC Clips are offered for grating thicknesses of: 1”, 1 ½”, and 2”

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